Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's going on?

Been a while since I've done an actual post that wasn't about a product or whatever so I wanted to catch up.    I've finished my first semester of college with a 4.0 (woot).  I'm doing a few classes for the summer. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do.  I'm being pulled in two very specific directions.  Neither of which is my major, which for now is Teaching.  I know I'm going to change that because I hate history.  Like a lot.   I got a puppy, a corgi named Lady Rubington Vivian I (we call her Rue).  She's a sassy, smart little cookie and I love her fuzzy face.  Most importantly for the first time in a very long time I'm happy with the direction of things.  I don't know what the future holds but right now I'm happy.  Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.  I'll try to check in more.

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