Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Triple Nutrition and Just as Many Uses

Is there anything Garnier Fructis doesn't do?  They have hair and beauty products that have been getting lots of attention lately. This particular product does a little bit of everything.  I KNOW one product that you can use for everything!  You're dying to know what it is right?  

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil is what it is now let me tell you what's in it and what it does. The great people over at Garnier have combined three weightless oils, Olive, Avocado and Shea to make a product that you can use on your hair, body and face.  It absorbs almost instantly so you don't leave greasy handprints all over the place and it leaves your face, body or hair feeling soft and smooth.  Seriously what's not to love?

I regularly use a combination of shea and other oils on my skin so I'm familiar with the awesome that is shea butter.  I replaced my usual butter with this for about a week.   I used this only as a body product because I'm a snob about my hair and face  First thing I noticed was the smell.  It smells like a hair product.  I can't put my finger on exactly which one but it smells like something that I used to use in my hair. I'm not a fan of that.  The smell kind of lingers so I was less than happy.  The dry oil is description is quite accurate, though, it absorbs instantly and leave a nice (not greasy) sheen on your skin.  This is also where another complaint comes in from me.  The dry oil aspect is great but if you are saying a product uses olive, avocado and shea oils why are there so many ingredients I can't pronounce in the list?  I'm thinking that most of these are what makes the oil "dry" but given the choice I'd rather use a product that just has the three oils as ingredients.  Lastly, the moisturizing doesn't last very long.  There were a few times where in the middle of the day or night after using this oil that I'd be tempted to reach for my regular product because I noticed my skin was getting dry and itchy.  

I really wanted this to be awesome and maybe stand in on occasion for my regular product because it's so easy to use.  The spray is really convenient when you are in a rush but I just couldn't like it.  Again, I'm a bit of a product snob and everyone's skin has very different needs so I would suggest you check it out.  You can buy it for $5.99 at drug stores and mass retailers like Target.  With that price tag it's worth shot to see if you enjoy it more than I did.  

*This product was provided for review from BzzAgent

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