Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Yellow Bracelet

Twenty-two weeks ago I ordered a prayer bracelet because I had received a free credit from some random website.  The bracelets were cute enough and I didn't have to spend any of my actual money to get them so it was a win in my book.  The bracelets arrived and as a bonus I received a Brazilet.  A Brazilet is a wish bracelet from Brazil.  The bracelet is wrapped around your wrist and three knots are tied, for each knot you make a wish.  It is said when the bracelet naturally breaks down and falls off your three wishes will come true.  Cute, no?

Twenty-two weeks ago I tied this bracelet on thinking it would hang around for a few weeks and fall off and I'd own my wrist again.  Twenty-two weeks.  That's half a pregnancy.  There are no more words on it and it's rolled into this dirty yellow string but there is a part of me that doesn't just want to remove it.  I don't know much about wishes coming true but I do feel like this little, dirty, yellow thing is holding me accountable for things that are pretty important to me.  That hasn't stopped me from checking this thing almost daily for weak spots where it may one day break. I imagine my wrist will feel pretty naked without it once it does fall off, but if the tradition is to be believed my life will be pretty full and I won't have time to notice my little, yellow bracelet is gone. 

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