Monday, October 1, 2012

What Just Happened Here?

I've said here before that my dad and I have the most nonsensical, roundabout conversations ever.  I don't know if it's because we are both not really phone people or if we don't communicate with each other well.  Either way here's today in random conversations with my Dad.  See if it make sense to you.

*Phone rings*

Me:  *thinking* It's my dad...what have done in the last 2 weeks that would warrant a phone call.  Ooh his picture is a Seahawk.  I love the Seahawks.   I wonder what Golden Tate is doing... *answers the phone*  Yyyyyyeeeeesssssss

Dad:  Hey what you doing?

Me:  Ummm..nothing.

Dad:  Do you ever move that stuff from your computer to the new one?

Me:  No...I can't.  I told you the screen was broken I can't move anything without being able to see what I'm doing.

Dad:  That's what I just asked you.

Me:  *thinking*  no it's not

Me:  Oh.

Dad:  Do you still NEED the cord?

Me:  Yes...well no.  Because Mom got a new computer and I moved all the files from her old computer to her new computer and I was going to take her old computer and put my stuff on it but the old computer needs a new battery and charger thingy and it overheats so I don't want to risk moving everything and the motherboard frying and then I'd lose everything so I'll just wait until I get a new battery or a  new computer so the short answer is no.

Dad: ...O..K...

Me:  Yeah.

Dad:  Alright so I'll talk to you later then.

Me:  Cool, talk to you later.

Dad:  Bye

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