Thursday, May 31, 2012


My oldest niece (by oldest I mean she was born a week before my other niece they are both 3), whom I'm affectionately call Cookie for reasons I cannot remember, has her own little language.  It's not really a language as much as it is the best/worst straight out of Virginia drawl ever.  She has this way of making an entire sentence sound like one long deep fried word.  It would be cute if we could understand every three things she said.  I've recently started sharing these gems on Facebook and Twitter to share the chuckles with everyone else.  Here are a few of my favorite Cookie-isms of late.

Itsbrayup- It's braided up.  We were sharing some Twizzlers in the car while waiting for her brother to get off the bus from daycare.  Twizzlers are kinda braided up I guess.

Luhyoutoo-  Love you, too.

Itschokemahneck- It's choking my neck.  She's in a big girl booster seat and it uses the regular seat belt in the car.  Unfortunately the seat belt rubs her neck a little bit.

Imschoking- I'm choking.  This was said to me in conversation whilst spinning in circles and trying to bribe me out of Triscuits.

Lalatakeapishure- Lala, take a picture.  The kids call me Lala.  She wanted me to take a picture instead of laying on the sofa.

Mahhandsiswhet-  My hands are wet.  She had washed her hands and we rushed her out of the bathroom.  This is my favorite Cookie-ism.  I've been walking around saying this for no reason for weeks now.

See what I'm saying?  She has her own language.  We've tried to get to the bottom of her random Southern-ness with some results.  Yeah, we are in Virginia.  Ya'll is very much a part of our everyday language.  I've pretty much conquered the No Accent Accent.  My little sister (who is 26 but I still call her my little or baby sister) who is Cookie's mom, though.  Poor thing she started talking when we live in Milton, FL.  Milton basically thisclose to being in Alabama.  So my sister sounds like she was raised by Foghorn Leghorn.  One syllable words have four the way she says them.  It's cute, sometimes. So we guess that Cookie picked it up from her mom.  It's just a lot worse.  Her older brother doesn't have the accent and he's in the same house.  Cookie is a reincarnated Southern Belle with a penchant for cheese and fried chicken and she's also my shadow.  I can't take 3 steps when she's over without hearing "Lalawhereshuegoing?"

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