Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have a confession.  I don't know how to relax.  Like at all.  I know I'm home most days, kicking around but I am not relaxed at all.  I'm thinking of the 500 things I could be doing or should be doing.  I'm running around picking stuff up.  I cannot just sit still.  Right now I should be laying in bed, reading or watching tv and I'm sitting on the edge of the bed typing this on my phone. 

Earlier this week my blood pressure shot up to a very worrisome 140/117.  I was dizzy and had the worst headache ever. After checking with 2 nurses (my Gmas) and a nursing school dropout (my sissypoo) I spent a few hours at the most incompetent hospital in town.  Do we know why I was about to stroke out?  Nope.  But if you ever want to feel like you are about to die go to the ER and ask for the "headache cocktail".  That was magical.  My BP has still been running high and my doctor didn't have an opening until Thursday.  I said I would take the weekend and chill.  But errr....  I keep looking at the laundry that needs folding and my closet is a hot mess and editing!  I've edited in my head but my storyboard hasn't been started.  I'm not good at just lying around doing absolutely nothing unless I'm sick.  This could be considered sick I guess.  I really need to work on this relaxing thing.  Years ago I used to meditate a little.  I should probably  try to work on making that a part of my everyday again.

Either way if I stroke out who's gonna come make sure there is nothing sketchy in my browser history? 

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