Friday, December 2, 2011


I, in my infinite wisdom, decided it would be an awesome idea to give up Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for the entire month of December. It's been 2 days and so far so good I guess. I've deleted the apps from my phone, which has done wonders for my battery life. I actually have to pay attention when people are talking to me instead of flipping through Twitter. So that's great. On the other hand those sarcastic asides I usually run to say in 140 characters or less or starting to be said aloud. Mostly in whispers to myself right now but aloud. It's only been 2 days and that's already started so come Christmas I'm going to be an absolute delight.

The idea here is to stop expressing myself so much in little bites of snark and start spending more time actually writing real things. Some of it will end up here others in free writing scribbles in a notebook. I also need to start reading again. I've tried to read 3 books this year and every single time I got distracted and started doing something centered around something social networking related. I have a small stack by my bed I'm going to start on soon. Funny enough I also realized that I watch TV with Twitter so I usually had to watch everything twice for comprehension. I rewatched an episode of American Horror Story today and realized that I needed to start the entire series over because apparently tweeting along with other fans while watching a show causes you to miss major freaking plot points. I'm on episode 2 now. Ask me how many times I went "OMG that makes so much sense now!"?

I'm off to finish up AHS and actually have a look at the world outside of a social networking lens. I'll take pictures. I can't share them because I'm not on Facebook until next year'll have to imagine me doing stuff and taking pictures of the awesome stuff I'm doing. Later days...

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