Monday, December 5, 2011

Le Sigh...

I've noticed in the less than a week I've not tweeted or Facebooked I have had quite a few things happen worthy of tweeting. Not really a few more like 2 and a lot of sarcastic shit that I have no outlet for because I'm not tweeting. Anywho the point. I decided as I was half watching The Adjustment Bureau and hating my sister for ruining Matt Damon forever (I'll share that story later) to log in to my long neglected online dating profile. I looked around and was about to log off once again when I notice a guy. The guy I almost had a weird crush on at my last job. I'm sitting here all OMG and typing a stupid blog post when I should be sending him a message. Yeah...what the hell. I'm such a girl sometimes.

PS- after an hour I sent the message. We shall see what happens. Keeping it extra cool over here.

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