Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sorta Funny Conversations I've had Today

My car was filthy so I got it washed a few weeks ago I called my Dad today to tell him about a mishap during this experience.

Me: Hey Dad, wake up!

Dad: I am awake I'm on my way into the dentist.

Me: Oooh fun, anywho, I went and got my car washed last week. Please spare me your smart comments I know the car was dirty. When I was in the wash bay thingy water gushed in my window...

Dad: Which window?

Me: I don't see how that's important, but the driver's side front window so my shoes got wet.

Dad: *Sighs* (this is also where I believe he curses the heavens that he didn't get 1 boy in the kid lottery) Where in the window?

Me: Right around that visor thing that's supposed to keep the water out.

Dad: Was the window all the way up?

Me: Are you serious? Yes the window was up at least it looked like it was up, I mean sometimes it looks like it's up but I'll still hear air seeping in around it...

Dad: OH yeah that window doesn't go all the way up you have to push it while you are rolling it.

Me: *crickets*

Dad: If you had washed it by hand you wouldn't have experienced this problem.

Me: There is no water hose at our house.

Dad: A water hose is $3

Me: The water thingy outside of the house doesn't dispense water. So even if I purchased a water hose it would be for not.

Dad: Hook it up to the kitchen sink.

Me: Umm...that sounds like a mess.

Dad: *Laughs* Bye M.

Me: Have fun at the dentist.

This is how most of my conversations go with my dad.

Now this next conversation took place at my grandmother's apartment building in the elevator. Man gets on...

Man: Hi there beautiful

Me: Hi

Man: How are you today?

Me: I'm good

Man: That's great.

Man: May I that your hair?

Me: *laughs* yes it is.

Man: I have to shake your hand young lady, you are a rarity. All I see these days are wigs, weaves, braids...

Me: *Laughing* Thank you. I guess. *goes to get off elevator*

Man: *continues talking to other guy on elevator about all the fake hair he sees all day*

Today was quite a day.

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