Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I've decided to establish some long term goals too. The short term ones often get caught up in the cycle of procrastination, they get done just vvveeerrrryyy ssslllooowwwlllyyy. With that said here are some things I want to start working on for the long term:

-Learn French, I took Spanish in high school and my mouth hates it for some reason. I can't roll my r's it's just bleh. The little French I do know works a lot better, I'm weird.

-Be better organized in the new place.

-Knit/Crochet more (maybe open an etsy store)

-Spend more time with this little blog o'mine

-Rejoin Weight Watchers and drop this 30 pounds I'm lugging around. #overit

-Spend more time with my friends. I miss them and am woefully out of the loop.


-Find a part-time job/side hustle but DO NOT go back into the rat race. (This is not my thing, so stressful and I always get sick in that setting)

-Start meditating again. Maybe even start Yoga.

Okay those will work for now. Some of them actually overlap. Alrighty...

long term goal setting

See I'm taking care of goals already. Ya'll have any long term goals you want to share?

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