Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving is just...

In preparation for the upcoming move I've been sorting through my stuff. I'm a bit of a packrat. Not on like Hoarders bad but I will hold on for stuff for years thinking that I might find some practical purpose for it later. At the same time I throw away about as much as I keep. So it's like a cycle. This random piece of paper with the drawing of a duck may serve some purpose, keep it, but this other random piece of paper with some equally random info scribbled on it, trash it. This only make sense to me. I spent most of Saturday convincing myself that NONE of it was important and tossed it all in a giant black garbage bag. I threw away at least 3 things that I've actively searched for since then.

I did find some cool stuff though. The old spiral notebooks my friends and I passed back and forth in middle school are nothing short of awesome. Every time I stumble upon those I have to stop for a few minutes and get a few chuckles. I found some pictures from my first Goddaughters baby shower that I need to digitize, some pictures from a Dru Hill concert way back when that are so awful they all need to be tossed. Those are particularly funny because I remember my bestie fussing at me because I would take pictures and then take forever to get them developed. So she would get frustrated with me and take several rolls of film at a time from me and get them developed, mostly just to find out what was on the roll. She was and still is the more organized of the two of us. Thank God for digital cameras and crappy Blackberry cameras.

Anywho, I put a good dent in the cleaning. I still need to go through my closet and toss clothes and shoes (gasp) that I'll never wear again. Then the fun part starts and by fun I mean putting stuff in boxes for the big day. I'm excited about the new place and the new adventures to come. The process right now is just more than a little draining.

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