Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coach Poppy Project

I know 2 posts in one day within minutes of each other. Anywhoodle.

I've been posting my hashtag #socharmed (you should too!) all over twitter with the Grow Poppy Grow! messages I guess I should try to explain how this all works. So this is a contest that Coach is doing every time we post #CoachPoppy or a website's hashtag (#socharmed) the poppy pattern
<------ grows here and on the Coach Poppy website. You should visit all your fave blogs/websites with the pattern everyday and tweet the hashtags often because little prizes might show up in the poppy pattern. So if you see a handbag in the pattern click it, you've won something. :)

So get out there and get tweeting add #socharmed to a few so I can move up the leader board. If I make it to 1 I'll win (right now I'm at 100-something out of 300 not too bad). Or stop by here and click the black poppies they'll connect you right to your twitter account. You can also participate by clicking the "LIKE" button for Facebook at the top of the design. Remember it's #CoachPoppy and #socharmed. Let's win some stuff guys!

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