Saturday, August 21, 2010

This Old House

I tweeted earlier today that our house was rejecting us like a bad organ (UNOS<---see Drake I can do it too!). After the storm a few weeks ago and the whole 1 full week of darkness, followed by another week without internet you'd think we'd get a break, right?


3:30ish this morning a transformer blew leaving us in the dark AGAIN! Power company was called and it took them 6 hours to get it back up and running. That was 6 hours too long. Especially when one (me) is used to the white noise of the AC, a fan and a humidifier to lull and keep me asleep. The sound of crickets and random city noises did nothing for me.

Now you may say that this is nothing. Trust me these are the most recent events. The water heater once stopped working and leaked it's entire contents all over the kitchen while we were out one Saturday; we don't have any pets but when it gets too hot it smells like a wet dog (the previous owners had several dogs and the carpet is a mess, we get it clean and get rid of the smell but then it creeps back); in the same no pets theme we randomly had fleas for a little while; I cannot make toast, vacuum and run the AC at the same time without going outside to trip the circuit breaker (that's one of my faves). So you see the house is not fans of us. We're looking for something new but our landlord knows that he's gonna catch hell trying to rent the house again and is doing everything in his power to keep us here. I say unless he's able to turn around this bad mojo the house has in for us thanks but no thanks.

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