Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I RULE at life today

Sarcasm rules everything around me...

I got fired today. I've NEVER been fired from anything so I'm having mixed feelings about this. I'm sad because broke-ness is scary. How am I going to pay my car insurance and phone bill and other random stuff I have to pay? I also have yet to figure out what's going on with me medically and I won't have health insurance soon and now I'm going to be draining my poor mother out of every penny she has because she'll be doing everything on her own. So I'm scared.

On the upside, I wanted to go back to school full time and the job market is slim pickings so I guess while I'm busy looking for a new gig I can go to school.

I understand why I was fired, I'm not going to say it was fair but I understand. However, when I see people around me taking advantage and basically having as many absences if not more than me for less than valid reasons, I have to assume I wasn't kissing the right asses at my place of employment. I've cried a little, but now I have say it's their loss. My mom worked for this company years ago and they were shady then so am I surprised by shadiness now? A little but time to dust off and hope it doesn't take a year to find another job.

Say some prayers ya'll...it's time for a new chapter.

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