Friday, March 12, 2010

Nope, I win

It's amazing to me how I can be fine for weeks at a time. Running from DC to VA Beach 2 weekends in a row without a second thought and the BAM! I'm on my butt, my everything hurts and I'm reminded that "Oh yeah, I totes have fibromyalgia" it sorta sucks, let me not lie it sucks a lot.

I've spent a huge part of my 20's letting this stupid illness own me. It dictated my actions what I wore, where I go, what I do, whatever. I'm finally over that. I've spent far to many days sitting in the house hurting while everyone around me is living. It seemed to make sense to me. Hey you're sick so stay at home and be sick.

Well no more...

I don't have any plans this weekend but I do have a stack of laundry that needs to be tackled so I'll spend the weekend around the house cleaning up and getting things in order. But please know I have plenty of things to do next week and I plan on taking them all on with gusto. Fibromyalgia your time is up, Miss Nicki is FINALLY ready to live.

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