Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself...

Sunday was nothing short of awesome. I haven't been to a concert in YEARS, seriously ya'll YEARS. Need proof? Okay the last concert I went to was the New Edition Reunion show and even that was a bust. Fifteen minutes into the opening act by 702 (remember them?) the Richmond Coliseum had an electrical fire so me and the bestie were left sitting confused until a random concerned concert-goer told us we ought to leave (there weren't any visible flames just lots of smoke that for a moment had confused most of the other concert goers). Told you was forever ago!

Anywho me and the friends piled into a car and headed on down to Norfolk to see none other than Jay-Z. This was the first time I'd spent $100+ on a concert ticket so I was hoping for a good concert. It exceeded all of my expectations. Our seats were great, I got to laugh at all of the hot messes who obviously got dressed in the dark, I got to tweet/Facebook/BBM during the Trey Songz and Jeezy (not huge fans of those guys but they did their thing), and yeah Jay-Z. If you ever get to see him in concert, no matter the price, just GO!

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