Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You'll Flip for This

I have a love/hate relationship with lipsticks.  I love the looks.  I love playing with different colors.  I hate how drying some lipsticks can be and I hate how some colors just don't play well my skintone.  It's a pain.  However, since I'm the biggest girly girl in probably this section of the internets I can't resist a new lippie.  Like...ever.  I'm serious.  I have never said no to a new lipstick.  I don't care the shade and if I have to mix with 3 liners and 2 different glosses to create a different color.  That lippie is mahn!

So I'm totally digging the new Covergirl Blastflipsticks.  Not just because it's fun to say Blastflipstick (it is you should try it now) but because it's 2 colors in one.  I KNOW 2 great colors in the same awesome packaging. This allows for a ton of cute looks from just one Flipstick.  It's especially awesome if you want to give the new ombre lips at try.

The product is great if you want to take one lipstick with you to do multiple looks.  You can wear one shade for day and the other for night or combine the 2 for a whole new look.  The 2 colors also don't just muddle together they actually create a look that pops.  We've all tried mixing lipsticks before and got that awful "WTF shade is this?".  That doesn't happen here one shade is creamy and the other is a little shimmery so they play very well together.  No mystery shades here.  There are 13 shade combinations so you will definitely be able to find a shade or shades that work for you (and at $8.49 a piece you won't feel bad for picking up several).

Now I will say the shades that I was sent to try out for BzzAgent were a bit off for me.  I'd have do a lot of mixing and lip lining tricks to get them to work out.  My mom who is lighter than me they all work really well for her.  That's not speaking badly of the entire line just the colors that were chosen aren't too great for we darker complected girls.  I love the idea, though, and I'll probably go look for better colors.  If you're a lippie lover like me.  You'll definitely flip for these Flipsticks.

*this product was provided for review by BzzAgent

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