Friday, November 9, 2012

It's What's for DinDin

First off, hey ya'll!  I have been absent for a while.  I'm working on some things I'll talk about that later right now I'm bringing you a brand new BzzReport.  This one is pretty tasty.

We aren't huge pork eaters in my house.  Well that's a lie I kinda live for bacon.  Other than bacon, though we don't often include many pork dishes.  I don't really know why.  No one dislikes it.  I think that it may have been due to the fact that sometimes pork has be cooked to the point where it's just not all that delicious anymore. It gets kinda dry and then you have to drown it in sauce and well...yeah.  Not yummy.

Well the guidelines for cooking pork have recently changed.  The USDA now recommends that you cook your chops, tenderloins and roasts to 145 degrees.  Yup.  That means it's safe for you and your family to consume and it won't taste like a boot (who is out here eating boots?  Why is that phrase a thing?).

While that chop in the picture looks all types of yummy, I picked up some ribs with the coupon I received in my BzzKit.  I mixed some spices for a dry rub and put them in the oven at 300 degrees for about 4 hours.  I checked the temperature with my new meat thermometer (also in the BzzKit) and set them out to rest for a few minutes before eating.  It was beyond yummy.  It was totally worth the oven being on for 4 hours and having to tear myself away from the television every 30 minutes to turn the pan (here's the technique I used to cook the ribs in the oven

If your family hasn't given pork a chance in a while I would definitely suggest you give it another try.  There are a lot of great recipes available at (check out the Pinterest account, too:  porkbeinspired).  I think you'll be pretty happy you tried it again.  Especially with the holidays coming up.

*this product was provided by BzzAgent for review

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