Thursday, July 5, 2012

Be Careful

You know the old adage "be careful what you wish for".  I'm sure everyone has heard it or some type of variation of it.  I'm not a huge believer in wishes coming true but I'm very aware about what I put out in the universe.  After having put quite a few things in the universe and not wording them quite right I'm actually very careful and very specific before I put anything out there.  That being said, after losing my last job 2 years ago I said that I would "never going to work another office job".  The hippie dippy, artsy fartsy personality (that I try ever so hard to shut the hell up) took over and said that I would be taking this opportunity to work on my art.  In this case my writing. 

Yeah...cut to 2 years later.

The kid wants to go back to work but in some type of self fulfilling prophecy I cannot get a decent job to save my life.   Naturally the little voice in the back of my head just keeps saying "you asked for this now go write something, stupid".  What's funny is that last year at some event I was talking to this lady about how I had lost my job and that I never wanted to go back into an office.  Her reply was a very kind smile and "You're not.  You need to go ahead and build a shelf for the awards you are going to get for your writing.  I see it in your spirit.  There is success there."  I. Was. Stunned.  Then I almost cried and then I felt inspired by this lady.  Then I didn't write a word.  That makes sense. 

So not only have I put this in the universe complete (but very kind) strangers have done the same thing.  Listen...I need money.  If the universe could give me a little wiggle room I promise I'll start putting more words on paper.  Is that a deal?  C'mon...

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  1. I hated my cubicle job and vowed to never go back to that kind of job again. Writing always makes me feel great, but only after I get through the procrastination wall.

    Keep at it, you're good. Cheers!