Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A (Golden Brown) Dilemma

That photo there is my all time favorite picture of my second nephew.  You can't tell from the picture but he's a beautiful shade of golden brown.  In fact from the day he was born his Nana has referred to him as "Golden Brown".  I often joke when I'm cooking that I need him to stand next to the stove so I can compare his skin to the color of the crust so I know it's done.  He's five now and he doesn't get called Golden Brown too often now because he's a big boy and he's very particular about his name and nicknames.  

Cut to this week.

Our boy comes home from school very concerned.  He tells his mom "It's Black History Month and I can't have any fun because I'm not black.  I'm golden brown and golden brown people don't have a month."  Golden. Brown. People. Don't. Have. A. Month.  That's damned good logic.  It's flawed but it's good.  My sister had to explain to him that even though he is indeed golden brown he's black and he can join in the fun of Black History Month.  She managed to hold her giggles for long enough for him to understand and then she called everyone to tell us what had just happened.  Laughing hysterically.  

So what did we learn here today?  Black History Month is all for all shades of black, even the golden browns and be careful what you say to the kiddies at any age.  You'll be surprised what they decide to hold on to.

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