Monday, December 12, 2011


I know that's super negative but I just had to log into Facebook to delete this blog from Networked Blogs to keep it from posting to Facebook because that sort of defeats the purpose of not being on Facebook.  So if you saw me on Facebook about 5 minutes ago don't judge me.  I promise I didn't stay and look around I logged into the app, deleted the blog and got the hell out of dodge.  I don't think it was syndicated but I just wanted to be super sure.  I hate how tied to social networking EVERYTHING is.  It's sort of ridiculous.  Sheesh.

Also on my list tonight is Amazon.  I sent textbooks back to them 2 weeks ago tomorrow and they are supposed to fund you within 2-3 days after processing.  Yeah...2 weeks.  WTF, yo?  I emailed them and they are like we haven't gotten them yet.  Ummm...yeah you do.  Not only do you have them you sent a book back to me because it was the wrong book.  That's the exact opposite of not having my books.  So I just sent another email.  Mostly because I don't take great pleasure in bitching people out over the phone.  I worked in customer service it sucks.  I try to be nice but apparently Amazon (much like Comcast) wishes to test my gangsta.

Again I apologize for the negativity as of late but sometimes it bees that way.  At least I'm writing, right?

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