Saturday, January 15, 2011

To Do List

I felt like writing so here I am. Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all are having a good one. I have a few things on my mind mostly my goals for the year. I'm all about accountability (no I'm not) so it's better to have these someplace where I can go back and say "oh yeah I did do that" and "hmmm I need to put more emphasis here". So off I go!

-Find web host, get design, logo and launch new project in April. (if anyone can offer any help here I'll be ever so grateful)

-Go to the nearby community college and take placement tests and get registered for summer semester.

-Obtain more balance. (Hi, I'm a textbook Cancer. I'm a super duper homebody. The thing is you cannot meet the man of your dreams and have babies and do all the stuff I keep dreaming about from home. It's cool to be a homebody once you have all that but being single...yeah not so much)

-Take a real vacation.

-Decorate my bedroom. (I started off with goals when we moved here now it's just kinda...yeah)

-Get a new tattoo. One that takes longer than 15 minutes and is not black.

-Continue diet and exercise. I've been doing really good with this. I got the flu this week and did nothing but I'm ready to get back on it.

-Buy at least one piece of clothing/shoes a week. I have no clothes. I have no idea where they all went. My closet is pretty bare though. While we are on that topic:

-Better organize closet. Like decorating my room I started out with a plan but since we've been here it's just kind of there.

-Knit/crochet more. Consider Etsy store.

-Get reading glasses. Dude. I can't see sometimes. I really want no parts of this but seeing as how both of my parents wear glasses now (my dad has glasses that he's supposed to wear but I think he's afraid they'll hurt his sexy...I'm serious) I should just stop tripping and go to the eye doctor.

Ummm....I think that's all I've got. Not super lofty goals just some little things that I need to do.

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