Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Weekend Blows

Writer's note: Bear with me ya'll I'm sans internet. This is being posted from my Motocliq.

Thursday night there was a storm. That storm took down our neighbor's tree. That tree took down electrical lines. Those lines connected to our house and took the entire electrical panel box thingy off the house. Leaving me and Mom in the dark. Just us and the neighbor everyone else on the block was able to watch Project Runway in complete peace (I'm mad bitter about missing my ProjRun).

Mom and I spent the night in our unbearably hot house but Friday morn was the breaking point. Oh I forgot to mention that the wires had fallen across my Mom's car. My car is out if commission right now so hers is the lifeline. I stood at our backdoor staring at the car and the wires. Clearly there is no current going through them. It's not connected to the pole anymore. I can get in the car on the passenger side and back out the yard and we can leave. Told my mom if in the event of a freak accident how to take care of my remains. I'm still here, ya'll so it worked. We escaped to my Grandma's apartment.

Yesterday night we found out that Dominion Power will not reconnect us until we have an electrician come out and attach the panel and meter back to the house AND get the we put the wire back on the house. So it's gonna be a while, our landlord has to get in touch with his electrician. Grandma's is fine and all but no internet and no HBO, which means no TrueBlood tonight. That makes me sad.

We are safe and sound but this weekend still sorta blows.
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