Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charmed Briefly: On Kids

I have some type of strange personality defect that shocks the shizz out of people when they find out I want kiddies. I can only assume that's the issue. Newsflash just because I'm 28 and I'm pretty clear how condoms work doesn't mean I'm doomed to a childless existence. Shocker, right? When did 28 become ancient? When did being a selfish, childless 28 year old mean that you'd be selfish and childless forever? I clearly missed that page in the Adult Handbook. Sheesh, I'm so tired of people questioning me about my baby motives. I blame my sisters for overachieving in this area thus putting this unnecessary focus on me. Losers. Seriously cut the ish folks, I'm unemployed, have an uncanny knack for attracting bums and my checking account is depressing. Why would I have a kid now? *rolls eyes and turns attention back to Cookie*

1 comment:

  1. People don't seem to understand actually preparing to have a child. It is a foreign concept