Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Stuff that Makes Me Happy

I've spent a lot of time recently being kind of meh. Yes meh is an emotion. It's somewhere in between sad and indifferent. Mostly indifferent. Shut up if people can get away with saying they feel "some kind of way" I can totally be meh. Anywhoodle (I'd like to take credit for that word by my bestie came up with that one) I'm sitting here in my bed with my taped together laptop (which I have totally decided isn't that bad it's kinda nerd chic) thinking of things that make me smile even on my most meh days. So here goes.

My nieces and nephews. Seriously 'nuff said.

Writing something that even I have to admit is awesome. (I'm still not convinced of the "talent" sometimes)


Chipotle (I know that's a fat girl thing to share but c'mon)

Quiet (my radio in my car is broken so I get time to just think when I'm driving)


New Book Smell and when you crack the spine of a brand new book LOVE that. You know you are at the cusp of a brand new adventure when you hear that sound. Or that's just me...I'm okay with that.

Cooking (I know I'm getting old and domestic...eek)

In the same vein I LOVE doing laundry. It's oddly relaxing.

Spring and Fall (Summer and Winter are just doing way too much)

Puppies (I should just add rainbows and unicorns now right?)

Find cool new apps on my Android

Curly hair! I'm growing my relaxer out for the 3rd (and final) time and I finally noticed some curlies yesterday. I was ready to start snipping away the relaxed ends. 4 more months to go though. Yay!

So yeah those are some of the things that will usually get a smile out of me. Maybe even a "Yay ________!" I've shared my weird things that make me happy what about ya'll? What gets you out of your funk?

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