Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Only Thing Missing Is a Cat

I have a few old ladyish hobbies.

I taught myself to knit 4 years ago before my first nephew was born because I wanted to make him a blanket. He still has it and I hear he gets pretty angry when his sister tries to run off with it. Actually he gets angry anytime his sister tries to run off with anything that he considers his, but that's another story. A few months back I decided that I would learn to crochet too because honestly knitting frustrates the hell out of me. There is often throwing, cursing and crampy fingers so every year I say I'm going to make ______ but then I remember how much I hate knitting and I don't.

So off I went to my least favorite supercenter and purchased a teach yourself to crochet kit. I attempted it and decided I didn't know what I was doing and if I wanted anything knitty then I would a. purchase it or b. knit (NOOOO!). This weekend in a fit of boredom I picked up the crochet stuff again, it went so much better this time. I've made a slouchy beret (since one of my friends has taken the one I purchased from Tar-jhay last year) and a scarf (that I'm not a huge fan of but I have it in the event I'm ever scarfless). I actually prefer crocheting my hands aren't hurty, I'm not frustrated and it was pretty relaxing. So I just may toss out the knitting needles.

I said I have a few old lady habits that's just one lets see what else? I complain a lot. If there's something worthy of complaint please believe I've said it. there's that.


  1. Ohhhhh I want a beret :-) Christmas gift?

  2. Sure, I'll have time to get better quality yarn. Now what's funny is that I just posted on your new post begging for muffins. Great minds... :)