Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charmed Chick Lately

So the score now stands (if I were keeping score on who's winning between my and mystery illness) Me-0; Mystery Illness-75 (roughly). I've run out of FMLA and can't get that reinstated until the end of June. So this week has been "Mission: Drag yourself out of bed and don't eat anything for 9 hours because you'll get sick". I need to work on shorter names for my missions. I haven't gotten a REAL paycheck in ummm 3 months. It's been $200 here, $100 there, oooh look $300 yonder. Most of those tiny checks have been used to pay for co-pays for Dr/Hospital visits, the new wonder drug of the moment and putting gas in my guzzler. I've had NO money for entertainment. Not that I'm super fond of entertaining or being entertained because of the pain, nausea, occasional vomiting and whatever my stomach can throw at me at any given period of time. I'm sadly (kinda) gonna miss a planned SATC day tomorrow. I say kinda because I'm not super amp'd about this movie. I would more be missing out on time with the girls but whateves. There is no budge in the budget. I sat with the numbers today and looked at them from every possible angle and they just wouldn't work. It was either go to dinner and a movie or put gas in my car for next week. So I (very wisely) chose to put gas in my car so I'd make it to my job so I'd have more money to pay the Dr's for future visits.

I know my friends are probably super sick of me because I'm flaky. Truth is I honestly can't care. I just want to be well and when I'm well I'll be a better friend but right now, I'm doing me. If that means I'm in the house every weekend with my Mom, such is life. Vomiting in public is never fun anyway...

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