Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where you been?

This ear infection has been HELL. I've been in bed for 2 weeks. I only worked 2 days of that 2 weeks. So you can imagine my next check is gonna be SWEET. My ears hurt, I randomly got a fever Thursday that would not break, and the antibiotics make me all sorts of nauseated. I've been a joy to be around the last 2 weeks. I did pull myself out of bed this morning to take my nephew to the circus. That was awesome. His little face lit up, between begging for all the overpriced swag being paraded about. Seriously ya'll $12 for a bag of cotton candy! We saw lions and elephants and much to my surprise the Ringmaster was a black guy. What?! He's the first in Ringling Brothers history! I was super excited about that.

Trust me he's black. Sequins and lighting...

I was good to get out. My ears did start aching halfway through the second half but I put on a brave face. Keisey helped me forget the pain by leaning over and whispering to me, "Lala I wish the elephants could talk". Cuteness.

So that's where I've been hiding.

P.S. Happy 28th Birthday S!!!

P.P.S. Happy 4th Birthday Keisey!! Auntie Lala loves you and I'm soooo happy you loved the circus on your birthday.

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