Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Musings of the Charmed One

It's freezing in my house I have on a hoodie.

It's zipped up and I have the hood on.

I have on hospital slipper socks with the grippies on the bottom from when I was in the hospital a few years back with meningitis.

My ear infection has finally eased after 2 weeks and a new antibiotic prescription.

I want an Ipad.

I'm still not super sure what it does but I want it.

I love my job (for what it is) but I'm ready to do something I'm passionate about.

I'm not sure how to get started.

My grandma is out of the hospital doing well.

She made me go to Walgreen's twice in a 30 minute period.

I ♥ my Grandma.

As my mother's unofficial personal assistant, I'm woefully underpaid.

She doesn't actually pay me.

She should.

I haven't eaten dinner yet.

Think I'm gonna get a salad.

I want a new tattoo.

I'm literally laughing out loud at my mother's surprise that we actually have hotdog buns.

I should really be writing more.

I'm thinking of starting a Drinking Liberally chapter in Richmond.

Surprised we don't already have one.

Then it is Richmond, VA...

I'm kinda scared to step out and organize something like that.

That's actually the main reason I should.

I think I miss my Blackberry.

Ugh...when is football season going to start.

Okay that's all I got. I'm kinda glad I borrowed this idea from here. It's one of my new favorite blogs. Alright goodnight all I'm going to fix a salad, watch some Mythbusters, then some Law and Order SVU and head to bed for the night. TTFN.

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