Sunday, January 5, 2014


It's a new year.  I needed a break from my social media.  So I decided to take a month.

An. Entire. Gotdamn. Month. 

Because reasons. 

So here I am five days in renegotiating deals with myself.  Because I'm an addict, apparently or because this SF vs. GB game is the reason that people drink/do drugs/zone out on social media.  Either way the kid might don't make it.  

However, in an effort to keep from cheating on myself I'm going to make of list of things I could be doing instead of obsessing about what I'm missing on FaceTagramTwiUmblr.  Off we go:

1.  Make a list of other shit I could be doing.
2.  Actually study something
3.  Watch the last season of <insert show here>
4.  Write (Boom! Done!)
5.  Attempt to groom the dog.  Fail.  Consider trading the dog for a chinchilla.
6.  Bake/Cook something
7.  Obsess over the Seahawks and upcoming playoff games
8.  Refresh your Feedly...again
9.  Wonder why you didn't give up Feedly, too. 
10. Homework 
11. Call your sister and ask what her 2 month old is doing
12. Call other sister.  Ask what her 4 year old is doing.
13. Call Dad ask the most random of questions. 
14. Wash. Rinse. Repeat

That's a good start.  I'll add as I think of stuff.  

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