Monday, April 23, 2012


I have a family problem.  More specifically I have a problem with family.  I think I was born into the wrong one, like most of the time.  They don't like me and for the most part I don't care for most of them.  I've tried..kinda.  They have tried less.  Take for instance this exchange with my the other person in my house who is not my mom (hereafter referred to as TOPIMHWINMM).

Mom to  TOPIMHWINMM :  What are you eating?

TOPIMHWINMM (in their short smartassy kinda way):  Soup.  What else is there here to eat but soup?!

*Note: I cooked I ginormous pot of soup last night for dinner.  I'm having a flare up now and I didn't feel like cooking.  Not to mention that there are also leftover hamburgers in the fridge from Saturday that no one at but me since everyone else went to dinner.  On top of that there is and entire freezer full of uncooked food that anyone can come into the kitchen to cook.

Me (now pissed):  There is plenty of food here if cook it.

TOPIMHWINMM (condescending):  Oh I thought you were the cook and your mom and I were the housekeepers.

Yeah I did think to myself  "did they just say..."

Me:  I'm not a cook.  And there is a freezer full of food.

TOPIMHWINMM:  No you're the cook and we clean...

Me: and you can also cook.  So if there is something that you want cook it.  Nobody here is anybodies anything.  Don't try to come for me.  (Yeah I said don't come for me to TOPIMHWINMM )

It was like a Real Housewives of Just About Anywhere reunion.  My mom, who I expected to say that I was wrong, audibly said "Oop!" as to say yeah...she tried it.

These exchanges with some member of my family and myself happen quarterly.  I know you probably would think that I'm the problem.  I probably am.  My defense is and will always be:  Don't raise a child to not take crap from anyone if you don't want an adult that won't take crap from anyone.  All of these people had a hand in raising me and now act surprised when their wigs get snatched.

I need a job.  I need to move out.  Yesterday.

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