Sunday, December 18, 2011


I like blogging in little random bursts.  Much like this.

I straightened my hair yesterday.  I need my ends clipped but it's finally BSL.

I think I re-injured my stupid shoulder straightening my hair yesterday.  I have a SalonPas patch on it now to see if that helps with the pain.  I really don't want to put it back in a sling.  

My neighbor isn't a fan of people darker than her.  She freaks the hell out whenever there are people of color in the parking lot and she taps the alarm button for her car whenever she sees someone outside.  You don't even have to be near her stupid car just in the parking lot and in sight from her kitchen window.  You could be just getting in your car and she will beep that alarm thing.  It beeps about 75 times a day.  And don't park next to her.  Lawd...she will come outside and walk around her car to make sure you didn't park too close to her.  Once my mom had a rental and she came out after my mom went in the house and walked around the rental and took down the plates.  Like she didn't JUST see my mom get out of it.  Her life must suck.  Seriously I think she needs a hug.

Amazon gave me a promotional credit for my books they still haven't processed.  I'm still waiting on my actual credit for the books I sent in.  I promise I won't make that mistake again.  

I've finished up most of my Christmas shopping.  I need to get a few more things but they are super easy so no worries.

Who's getting me the Naked 2 Palette, though?  

I need to find something to wear for NYE.  

My mom and her manager have decided to set up me and her son.  It's come to this.  This is my mom's way of saying that all of her grandbabies have gotten big and she wants another one.  But she'd like to get cute for a wedding first.   You have to know how to read her actions.  

We haven't put up the Christmas Tree yet.  It's downstairs in the box.  

Totes gonna make salt dough ornaments with the nieces and nephews on Christmas Eve.  

I got my nieces shirts that brag about how awesome their auntie really is for Christmas.  The world should know that they got their awesome from their auntie.  By auntie I always mean me and not my sisters or aunts from the others.  

Keeping the little one during the week is great.  He's a really good baby.  His little half smiles make all the fussing worth it.  :)

I have no less than 3 recipes I want to try right now.  I need a wok and better pans...and knives...and I'd prefer a gas stove but I'm not complaining.

I randomly made beignets on Wednesday.  Twas yummy.  Gonna make more Christmas morning.

In case I don't blog anymore this week; Have a very Merry Christmas.  

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