Saturday, September 24, 2011

So Here's The Thing...

I'm back I guess?

I started the blog, it was okay, I adored it for like 5 seconds and then it felt redundant and I knew pretty early on that I was going to come to resent it. The thing is that the market for what I was doing is over-saturated. I know it takes a while to build a following and I was mainly doing this so that I'd be writing everyday. Then you know what happened? I realized I was basically writing the same shit everyday with a slightly different spin. I burned out early. I have a great respect to all the beauty bloggers out there. I don't know how you guys do it and keep it interesting.

I realized what I always knew. My passion is not for makeup or hair or whatever else is over on the other blog. It's for this. I love to write. I finally started a book and it's actually pretty okay if I may say so myself. I wake up thinking about those characters and how to make them better.
I've decided to roll with them. I'm glad I stepped out and tried because God knows that isn't how I usually roll. I think trying is what led me to finally putting those characters on paper (or computer screen or whatever). I see how this vision board thing works now. One accomplishment sort of feeds the rest.

I've probably said this here before but this time it's for real. Hey ya'll I'm Malaka and I'm a writer. I guess. Unless I decide to do something else later. I'll be kicking it here and documenting the process either way.

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