Monday, May 10, 2010

This Week...

I have to make small steps to actually get things accomplished so here's what I hope to do this week:

Go. To. Work.-Pain has been winning lately but I will go to work everyday this week because when I work an entire week it makes it worlds easier to do everything else. I guess because once and I'm up and moving there's no since in stopping. (Disclosure-I didn't work today, but I will be there the rest of the week)

Organize this stupid bedroom-you know how you get bogged down in your surrounding and you just don't care anymore. Yeah I feel suffocated in this room as it is so it's time to do something with it. Mom has plans to move at the end of the year so Grandma can join our traveling circus but until then or I get a good enough job to afford to live alone changes must occur.

Workout-sort of self explanatory. My class reunion is in 3 months. I have no degree, no husband and no kids so I must look fierce. Dress is picked, shoes are still TBD and my hair will be big and crazy, just the way I like it.

Spend wisely-it's a pay week...Target always gets a HUGE portion of my check on Friday on the way home from work. It's like it calls me. Monday rolls around and I'm like WTF didn't I just get paid?!?

Enjoy time with all the buddies-We seriously need a cool name. I'm jealous of the people on FB who call their friends "The Wolfpack" (obvs not for their originality) or the whatevers. I'm just like them broads I've known since high school and one husband. Yeah those chicks. <---All of that was just snark. I'd forget our random ''gang" name 2 hours after it was established.

Okay that's plenty...

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