Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Charmed Chick

This morning I woke up and the first thing in my stream of consciousness was the famous soliloquy in Hamlet (I nerd hard, son). It wasn't actually the whole thing just the "To sleep, perchance to dream, ay there's the rub". That stuck around all morning and was almost my first Facebook status of the day but upon further thought I realized it was really ummm...deathy and the what 12 people I'm friends with on Facebook that can actually read may read into that way too much. So it was edited down to the other thing I was wondering; Why the Hell is Hamlet in my head? I haven't touched it since 12th grade Honors (told you I nerd hard) English.

I proceeded through my day with my awesome headphones affixed upon my head blocking out all random conversations around me. I don't actually listen to music at work, which defeats the purpose of such awesome headphones. I listen to progressive talk radio all day, yup talk radio (cough *Nerd* cough). I feel like if I'm trapped in an office all day I MUST know what's going on in the world around me. I want to be well informed about stuff, seriously you should see my Google Reader.

Finally off work I jump in my dirty car (it's filthy, imma go get it washed over the weekend, it will probably rain and ruin those plans), open the sunroof, put in the Lady Gaga CD, roll down some windows and make my way home. Get home, work out on the EA Sports Active that I won a few days ago (it's kicking my butt), laugh at my niece I affectionately call Cookie as she does squats with me, eat dinner, play around on Facebook, get bullied by my mom (PUT THIS COMMERCIAL FOR THE JEWELRY I'M SELLING ON YOUR FACEBOOK, NOW! <---that's what she screamed to me from her bedroom) and that brings us to now.

There are probably 5 things I should be doing right now but instead I'm blogging and half watching Law & Order: SVU. So that's basically my everyday. It's crazy, it's boring, it's hella noisy because I have my niece and nephew running about but for me right now it's life. It's not what I dreamed of when I was younger but it's this way for a purpose it's a challenge and I'm loving it.

Most days have about 75% less Shakespeare though...

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